Create Project Directory and solution

 Setting up VS code to work with C#

Creating our first Entity

 Introduction to Entity Framework

Adding Entity Framework to our project

Adding a DbContext class

 Creating the Connection string

Creating the database using Entity Framework Code first migrations

Adding a new API Controller

Saving our code into Source control

Creating the Angular application

Adding VS Code extensions to work with Angular

 Making HTTP requests in Angular

Adding CORS support in the API

Adding bootstrap and font-awesome

 Using HTTPS in angular – WINDOWS

Safe storage of passwords

 Updating the user entity

Creating a base API controller

Creating an Account Controller with a register endpoint

Using the debugger

Using DTOs

Adding validation

Adding a login endpoint

JSON web tokens

Adding a token service

Adding the create token logic

Creating a User DTO and returning the token

Adding the authentication middleware

Adding extension methods

Client login and register

 Creating a nav bar

Introduction to Angular template forms

Introduction to Angular services

Injecting services into components

Using conditionals to show and remove content

Using the angular bootstrap components – dropdown

Introduction to observables

Persisting the login