PolyBase-Azure Synapse Analytics

PolyBase is a technology that accesses external data stored in Azure Blob storage or Azure Data Lake Store via the T-SQL language. PolyBase allows processing data using native SQL queries from the external data sources. It is available from SQL Server 2016 onwards.

Data Catalog

A data catalog is a detailed inventory of all data assets in an organization, designed to help data professionals quickly find the most appropriate data for any analytical or business purpose. What is a data catalog? A data catalog uses metadata—data that describes or summarizes data—to create an informative and searchable inventory of all data assets […]

Content projection with ng-content

->Content projection is used to project content in a component ->Content projection is a way to import HTML content from outside the component and insert that content into the component’s template in a designated spot. Why we use it? Many Components in your app using same structure and style but the content are different, in […]

Tree shaking in Angular

1. What’s tree shaking? Tree shaking refers to dead code elimination. It means that unused modules will not be included in the bundle during the build process. When we import and export modules in JavaScript, most of the time there is unused code floating around. Excluding that unused code (also referred as dead code) is called tree shaking. Utilizing the tree shaking […]

What is the purpose of providedIn with the Injectable decorator?

What is Injectable decorator? Marks a class as available to Injector for creation. The service itself is a class that the CLI generated and that’s decorated with @Injectable(). What exactly does providedIn do? Determines which injectors will provide the injectable, by either associating it with an @NgModule or other InjectorType, or by specifying that this […]

Error and Exception handling in ASP.NET Web API

HttpResponseException Exception Filters HttpError HttpResponseException What happens if a Web API controller throws an uncaught exception? By default, most exceptions are translated into an HTTP response with status code 500, Internal Server Error. This exception class allows us to return HttpResponseMessage to the client. It returns HTTP status code that is specified in the exception […]

Logical Interview Questions

https://codingsight.com/tricky-questions-about-c-sharp/ Remove duplicate characters from String Find duplicate characters in a string Reverse a string.   for (int i = _title.Length – 1; i >= 0; i–)               {                   result += _title[i];               }                  return result;  Check if a string is a palindrome or not.  var min = 0;               var max = _title.Length – 1;                  while (max >= 0)               {                   if (_title[min] == _title[max])                   {                       min++;                       max–;                   }                   else                   {                       return false;                   }               }                  return result;   Check max occurrence of a character in the string  public char? CheckMaxOccuranceOfChar(string _title)           {   […]

Session State In ASP.NET Core

Web applications work on HTTP protocol and HTTP is a stateless protocol. Every HTTP request is treated as an independent request. The Server does not have knowledge about the variable values, which are being used in the previous request. Session is a feature in ASP.NET Core that enables us to save/store the user data. Session […]

Custom Routing Constraint In ASP.NET Core

Constraint Usages  It helps to avoid the unnecessary requests on url where we are restricted to route value pattern. Let’s say – in action parameter, only integer values are allowed; so except integers, all the requests are rejected by the route constraint and a 404 (Page not found ) response is returned to users. To […]

Extension Methods

What are Extension Methods? Extension methods are special kind of static methods in a static class which enables us to add new methods to built-in types and custom types without creating new derived type. How to implement Extension Methods: Create a static method in a static class Pass the type which you want to extend, […]